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David Stephenson


I am a man who loves to experience everything, a consumer of life if you will! I have many interests including - but not limited to - cars, food, travel, electronics, cycling and pizza. Yes, pizza is separate from food, it's an art.

From a young age I liked to have my hand in everything that I could, I enjoyed being considered a jack of all trades. Being raised as the son of a hardware store owner, I became quite adept at problem solving as I was always building, creating, and fixing.

I think it's only natural that I ended up in the world of video production. It combines many of my interests and talents into one, and it also helps that my dad was adamant on recording home movies. I can distinctly remember the first time I picked up his RCA VHS camcorder as a child, I marveled in all its analog glory. I immediately proceeded to drop it onto the ground and watched in horror as it shattered to pieces. Luckily, I was an adorable child and impossible to be mad at. As for my dad, he was pining after the new Sony Handycam and now had a valid excuse to give my mom. I suppose everything works out in the end. Jeffrey, if you're reading this I promise not to repeat my mistake and drop the RED. I'm not as cute as I once was.

Passion: Cars


Twitter: DStep97

Super Fun Fact: Loves Interior Design

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