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Our award-winning video team can take your next video project from concept to completion. We offer video shoots, including aerial shoots with our drone, 360 and VR video, as well as comprehensive planning, editing and production services to ensure that your video project captures the attention of its audience and delivers results.

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Close-up of RED camera being used with sports crowd in the background
Over-the-shoulder view of Adobe After Effects open on computer screen

Video Board Animations

Animations catch the crowd’s attention with high-energy movement and personality. We have a talented group of animators who can make any team stand out with custom animations full of creativity, team spirit and precision. No matter what your board layout, we create one-of-a-kind animations for everything from logo bails to crowd prompts - and everything in between.

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Sponsorship Elements

On the ice, on the field, on the court or on the video board, sponsored elements play a huge part of every game. Our team knows what it takes to keep your sponsors (and your fans!) happy and coming back for more. We work directly with your team and your sponsors to produce pieces – like promotional games and LED ribbon board graphics – that they will love and that you can trust.

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Hands holding can of Miller Lite with blurry baseball game in the background
Backwards hat with PEG logo, sports control room blurry in the background

Live Event and Game Production

Our team understands what kinds of excitement – and pressures – come from being inside a gameday control room. Our team has been working in stadium control rooms for over two decades and has been a part of game day operations for college football, major league baseball, the Olympics and everything in between.

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