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Sponsor Elements

Sponsorship Elements

On the ice, on the field, on the court or on the video board, sponsored elements play a huge part of every game. Our team knows what it takes to keep your sponsors (and your fans!) happy and coming back for more.

Games and Promotions

During breaks in the action, it's important to keep fans interested and engaged. Our team creates exciting games and unique experiences for your crowd via the video board and via projection that sponsors are proud to put their name on. 

Sponsor Partnership Videos

Sponsors are important partners for your team and your organization. Partnership videos are a great way to bring your brands together, reach new audiences and spread a shared message.

Sponsor Activation Videos

Sponsor activations are a big part of game day. It is important to show your sponsors the value of their investment and make sure they are ready to come back for more. 

LED Boards

Every stadium and arena has their own unique set of LED ribbon boards. Our team has worked with boards of all sizes and all quantities, and can make sure the ribbons seamlessly work with video or animations to create a truly integrated fan experience.

From the Portfolio


We’re comfortable managing the sponsor/partner relationships ourselves or working directly through the team. It just depends on which you prefer. 

Sure can and we often do! Helping come up with creative ideas is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the sponsor experience. 

We can definitely make our own storyboards, and most often we do. But, we also can easily work with storyboards provided by a client.

All the time. It is a speciality of ours you can learn more about here!

You bet. Some of our content even gets uses both in-venue and on social media to achieve maximum exposure.

Yep! From more simplified games with various outcomes and variations to fully-interactive Xpression games. We can do it all. 

Depends on the concept, use and budget, but both can look really cool and be effective! Our team can work with you to find the best option for your specific needs.