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Video Production

Video Shoots

Video shoots are critical to a great final product, and they’re a part of the project that we take great pride in getting perfect. From top-of-the-line cameras and lighting, to audio equipment and much more, we have the gear that will help make your final product look great and highlight your team in the most unique and exciting ways.

Video Production

Video production is one of our specialties at PEG, and we have extensive experience producing bold, creative videos that stand out and get people from press boxes to social media feeds talking. From narrative storytelling to unique special effects, whatever is in your imagination, our team can make it happen. 

Intro Videos

Intro videos set the stage for your home games and get your crowd ready! Our team is known for thinking outside the box and helping teams create extremely unique, memorable and award-winning intros that fans never forget. 

Pump Up Videos

In those crucial moments, pump up videos play a huge part in getting that perfect crowd reaction. When it matters most, out team knows how to get fans hyped and keep them in the game. 

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Sports are full of unique and special moments that you never want to forget. Our team will be there to capture events in real time and craft a piece that matches the magic of the moment. These stories are meant to be preserved and shared with your team and your fans. 

From the Portfolio

Sports Video Production FAQ

Some of our most notable and well-known work has been intro videos – especially creative, story-telling opens that help define a team’s brand.

We sure do. Projection, live on-ice sequences – you name it, we can bring it to life. 

We understand that in sports, timing is everything. So, our team knows how to create incredible content even under very tight timelines.

Absolutely. We’ve worked with organizations across the country, both with footage we shoot and stuff captured by internal teams.

You bet. You only get one chance to capture historic moments –  whether they are championship games, celebrations, drafts – our team has been on-site at countless events to help make sure those events are preserved. 

Our team helped create several Vegas Golden Knight's opens that have gotten worldwide attention, as well as award-winning work for other franchises across all four major sports.

All the time and all over the country, from coast to coast.

Video Board Animations icon

Video Board Animations

Animation can bring crowds to life – catching the crowd’s attention with movement and personality. We have a talented group of animators who can make any team stand out with custom animations.

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Sponsor Elements icon

Sponsor Elements

We work directly with your team and your sponsors to produce pieces, like promotional games and LED ribbon board graphics, that they will love and that you can trust.

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Live Event and Game Production icon

Live Event and Game Production

Our team has been working in stadium control rooms for over a decade and have been a part of game day operations for college football, major league baseball, the Olympics and everything in between.

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