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Marty Roth

Production Specialist

From a young age, I was completely fascinated by creative media. Growing up in Salem as an only child with two working parents, there was little to do but watch the TV for hours. While watching masterpieces like Barney, I would always wonder, "How do they do all of that?" As I grew older, these questions turned into "How can I do that?" I watched as many movies and shows that I could and researched at home how to bring a creative vision to life. Kent State's film program helped to bring all of my ideas to life and strengthened my love for audio and short films.

I slap up some of the meanest BBQ this side of Youngstown. I'm always trying new meats or recipes to smoke up. I wouldn't recommend trying any of my food if you can't take a little heat. I always say, it's not hot enough unless you're sweating! If I'm not at home cooking or playing my PS5, you'll find me at the golf course looking for my tee shot in the woods.

Passion: Animals


Twitter: marty_roth4

Super Fun Fact: Failed Snake Breeder

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